Bio - Tony Marinella

What else can I say other than I love photography!

I see photo opportunities everywhere I go and I love capturing one-of-a-kind moments and scenes. I always have my camera with me and love to share what I see with others. I'm sure friends and family get tired of me saying, "Look at that light... that's perfect!" .

I was gifted my first camera in sixth grade, an old Canon Canon Flex. A US veteran friend of the family brought it back from Korea. I took many photographs with it and I developed my passion for photography - photographing nearly everything in my path. I can remember horrifying my parents with my photography experiments. I used to put insects into the freezer to slow them down so I could photograph them on flowers and vegetation. I wish that camera still worked. It holds a special place in my collection of antique cameras.

Although my subject matter has changed over the years, I still have the same new excitement of capturing images. Fast forward 30 years and I'm still infected with the photography disease. More refined but still as passionate as ever. My only other true passion in life that may equal photography is playing the blues harmonica. It, too, is something I have a difficult time putting down. It may not pay the bills full time, but it gives me another creative outlet.